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    One thing that I really appreciate about Southwestern after starting the program here is great student population here.

    I think as a busy entrepreneur professional that's still working full-time, having the support from the staff and I get from the professors-- that's really one of the benefits that I love. They're really here to support you and set you up for success.

    The faculty has recently approved five concentrations that are designed to help students focus in an area that they're particularly interested in-- criminal law, civil trial practice, technology and entrepreneurship, public interest, and, of course, entertainment and media law. There is a great deal of experiential learning available-- clinical courses where faculty members are supervising the students.

    So I've participated in community lawyering clinic. And currently, I'm in a part of the street law clinic, which is a great program. The main intention of the clinics is to be able to go out in the community and provide legal services for individuals that may not have access to resources. These are skills that I'll actually be able to use when I become a licensed attorney.

    We have one of the largest and richest extern programs in the nation in part because we're located in a city that has so much activity in close proximity to us. And I've never seen an alumni group as involved in a law school as this one.