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    We are committed to your success and proudly serve those who served (and will serve).  We are here to support you as you embark on your new mission to earn your J.D.

    In 2019 Southwestern was awarded Top 10 Military Friendly Graduate School Status. Click here to learn about VA Benefits, the Yellow Ribbon Program, Scholarships, and more!!

    FUN FACT: For the past several years we had unused YELLOW RIBBON scholarships!!

    Southwestern Law School has a legacy of service; service to our community, and service to one another. And our veterans and those interested in the military bring that sense of service to our community, and help strengthen that. I spent 24 years in the United States Air Force. The reason I left active duty was to share my excitement about how the law can help strengthen our societies. When the law breaks down, we see children without shoes running around the streets of Kabul. We see downtown Baghdad in flames.

    So the reason we have lawyers, and the reason we have law school is to help prevent having to go to war, and having to sacrifice to the great degree that many, many individuals have. As you know, we veterans have a different set of experiences, different skill sets, and a different mindset, often, to bring to helping to solve problems. And we really welcome such differences, and we welcome such perspectives into our school. I think you'll find something at Southwestern that is unique; and that is that students want to help each other, and that's something that felt very familiar to me coming from the military.

    As we all know, being part of the military means being part of a team, and being part of a team means that you help one another. Southwestern has that culture-- that attitude of helping one another. It's not about trying to be number one, trying to be the best. You will be the best when you're helping others, and I think folks from a military background intuitively understand that, and therefore, really excel in the kind of place that Southwestern is.