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  • The Biederman Institute

    [BEMLI] Established in 2000 - to make sure our students get the full advantage of being in the heart of the global entertainment/media industry.

    Always TOP TEN in Entertainment Law!! We are right up there with UCLA, Harvard, USC - and rank higher than NYU, Stanford and the other 95 ABA schools. Pretty good company for a stand-alone regional non-profit law school!    #HumbleBrag

    Entertainment & Media Law Concentration - Curious?

    Learn more about BEMLI, its annual media conference, and its speaker series.

    Southwestern is the best place to propel my aspirations of being an entertainment attorney because they've dedicated so much of their time and effort into making sure the entertainment program really is one that consistently churns out top notch professionals. Mr. Biederman really is a trailblazer. To say that he wrote the book on entertainment law isn't just fluff. He literally wrote a book that so many universities use today in teaching these young, bright minds how to conquer the world of entertainment law.

    When Mr. Biederman thought of the Institute and established it, he was really ahead of his time. He's the reason why Southwestern has that prestige in the entertainment law program. In the early 2000s, it was really a time where entertainment law wasn't as trendy as it is now. The industry, as it evolved, obviously, the need for entertainment attorneys evolved, as well. And now it ranks in the top 10 of entertainment law programs across the nation.

    So the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, they generously support the entertainment clinic here at the school. My professor is working closely with them to work with the talent that falls under their umbrella to create opportunities for them. And also further create opportunities for the students, because it brings more pro bono work into the clinic so that we can have a hands on learning opportunity, as well.

    The focus of the London program is international entertainment law. And while my time there, I learned how to draft contracts which really helped me throughout my internships.

    The alumni from the entertainment program here at Southwestern really spanned the gamut of experience and pushed boundaries.

    You find our alumni are in production studios, firms, in music law, film, and television.

    And that really is a testament to how much energy and effort that they put in making sure it's a top notch program consecutively for many, many years. That is one of the reasons why I'm here today.