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  • Faculty Highlights


    Choosing my favorite faculty member is a really difficult question, only because so many of them have--

    That passion and charisma, but also just this really great pedagogy, which is just a fancy way of saying they're good at teaching. So a couple of teachers that really pop to mind are Professor Carpenter--

    Michael Dorff.

    Professor Hart.

    Professor Heilman.

    Professor Jay Gendron.

    Professor Gharakhanian .

    Professor Isabelle Gunning.

    Professor Esposito.

    Professor Calnan.

    Professor Seki.

    Professor VanLandingham.

    Part of why I love and respect them so much is the fact that I am their TA, so I've been able to see not only how they work in the classroom, but I actually have the opportunity to see how they prepare outside of the classroom and the dedication to their students.

    They have a way of breaking down the information that makes it easy to understand and to apply.

    Just the detailed feedback they gave me on my advocacy skills, and just-- they really-- they ultimately changed my life.

    To have those type of faculty members that you can go to and really connect with on a myriad of levels is really special.