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  • Commencement and Beyond

    Wellness as a Way of Life – Wellness is an essential component of professionalism. How you do law school, is how you’ll do lawyering.  Start practicing important life and coping skills now! 

    • 30+ Student Organizations – provide opportunities to socialize, develop networking skills and connect with fellow students.
    • Dean of Students and Diversity Affairs Office is available to discuss any life events that may affect your academic performance or class schedule.
    • Disability Services – Exam accommodations, help downloading class work, or anything else you need to succeed (contact the Dean of Student and Diversity Affairs Office).
    • Fitness Center – Southwestern’s fitness center is a fully accessible facility with a complete range of exercise equipment. Membership is free to students, faculty, and staff.
    • HelpNet is a private consulting firm providing referrals to counseling services and community resources for problems involving relationships, academic stress, family, financial and legal circumstances, substance abuse, and other concerns. Students may participate in two free counseling sessions each academic year. Visit the Dean of Students and Diversity Affairs office for details.
    • Mindfulness in Law Society – Southwestern’s MILS (Mindfulness In Law Society) Student Board is a group of contemplative students helping to support and foster mindfulness and wellness practices for our entire community.
    • On-Campus Psychological Counselor - Student guides helping you navigate and succeed in your new environment.
    • Peer Mentors and Dean's Fellows - Student guides helping you navigate and succeed in your new environment.
    • Student Health Insurance - Southwestern offers affordable coverage that is accessible to all students regardless of a previous condition and continues through the bar exam for graduating students. 
    • Student Success Programs – Workshops, courses, programs, and counseling to help you achieve your full academic potential.
    • Title IX – Southwestern’s policy is to provide a work and academic environment free of sexual misconduct.  Title IX protects both men and women from unlawful harassment and discrimination in law school programs and activities.
    • Wellness Week – A full week of stress management programs, therapy dogs, and health education events.

    Career Services Office (“CSO”) – Students become acquainted with the CSO in their first semester and after that participate in:

    • Individualized Career Counseling and Planning 
    • Seminars and Skill-Building Workshops on interviewing techniques and resume/cover letter drafting
    • Panel Presentations on a wide range of practice areas
    • Various recruitment fairs and activities including Fall Firm Reception, Public Interest/Public Sector Career Day, Recent Grad Recruitment, GAP Associate Program for recent graduates, year-round access to job listings via a web-based career management platform, and more
    • Networking events exposing students to alumni mentors and employment prospects
    • Fall and Spring On-Campus Interview Programs
    • Career-building programs and resources including:
      • Public Service Graduate Program – providing a select number of new graduates with a paid, part-time employment experience in public service while awaiting bar results
      • Los Angeles Incubator Consortium – providing a select number of newly admitted Southwestern alumni with office space, mentorship, and training geared toward effective solo practice management with pro bono / low bono components
      • LawCareerLab - providing a select number of students with free workshops and coaching focused on professional development and network building
      • ABA Judicial Clerkship Program – a three-day retreat introducing judicial clerkship opportunities to a select group of diverse students

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    I do think that the issue of emotional, spiritual, psychological wellness is essential in terms of getting through law school. I tell my students, how you do law school is how you're going to do lawyering. Now's the time to start figuring out what it is you're going to do to manage that stress. As an institution we're taking this issue of wellness as a serious component of professionalism.

    There's a gym in the basement of this building, which shows the emphasis for taking care of your health. They do a great job of also keeping the student updated with email updates on where you can go as far as the career center, peer mentors.

    Talking to people who've been here and know what the ins and outs of each class are, have been through the challenges before you can give you great perspective and great understanding on how to study. And be not only just effective but efficient with your time. Not just working hard, but working smart.

    You get connected to the student groups. For example, for me get connected to moms that were going through the same things I was going through. The career services office really help beginning in your first year. They really were the ones that helped me in choosing my classes and choosing what honors programs to take in order to get me to the position that I wanted. And I got that position.

    I am so excited for the future. I am so excited to continue to learn. And I feel absolutely great about where I am now being a law school graduate. And I feel absolutely set up to be a great lawyer.