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  • Urban Oasis

    Bullocks Wilshire Building - Southwestern expanded its campus in 1994, by purchasing and repurposing Bullocks Wilshire – a 1929 art deco landmark once known as the most beautiful and luxurious specialty store west of the Mississippi. 

    Residences at 7th – All Southwestern students may apply for on-campus housing

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    Southwestern's campus is really an urban oasis. The building on Southwestern's campus, the Bullocks Vilshire building, has been used in the movies, commercials, music videos. So being at an entertainment school having such a building on campus really it's like the staple piece of Southwestern.

    And then in Vilshire you have the historic art deco library. They offer great study rooms. And one of the great things about the school is the residence halls.

    When I realized how affordable it was and that it came furnished, it was like, sign me up. I actually liked the fact that I was so close to my classes. I felt like I could maximize my time better. I felt safe and comfortable knowing that I was in an environment where there was security. We actually have on our top floor a patio that a lot of students like to lounge out.

    Everything in law school is about networking. So being able to live on campus and always being in connection and contact with people is really going to be beneficial for your future. Southwestern is four subway stops away from the courthouse. It's two subway stops away from downtown.

    We have the circuit courthouse. We have the local courthouses. And there are all the major law firms.

    There's a lot of things to do. I can go shopping. I can go to a sports game. I'm a big sports fanatic.

    And you could also go to Griffith Park to hike. You can go up to the Hollywood sign for a hike. And then you could also go to the beach, which is relatively close. We have everything a future attorney would want in terms of location, in terms of amenities, and in terms of flexibility.